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Hello Baby! Hello Mum! Skincare From Little Herbs£57.75

The Little One is here and New Mother needs help!

Estimate dispatch time: 1-3 days

It's been a long haul, sometimes a little trying, but always exciting.  But now the pregnancy is over and the Little One is here.  It's the right time for salving everyone's skin and bringing comforting preparations to work.

This amazing pack offers Mother and Child all that they need in terms of caring for delicate skin. You can be safe in the knowledge that every ingredient is certified organic, and that each product as pure as it can possibly be - and made with love by hand by our sister company Little Herbs.

For New Mother: Massage a little Tummy Rub Oil daily from breast to thighs to bring comfort to overwrought skin, aid elasticity and skin repair – and it smells upliftingly gorgeous too!  Breast Balm offers instant relief and helps to heal sore nipples. Maintain healthy, calm all-over cleanliness with our gently detoxing body soak.

For the Little One: Baby Balm’s job is to soothe and heal sore bottoms, little itchy bits and even cradle cap. Give the Little One a delightfully gentle cleansing bath and then indulge in some bonding massage with a little drop of Baby Oil. Soothing Salve is a wonder! Soothes dry patches, can promote peaceful sleep - and Mums can use it to banish a bit of tension!

Gift contains: Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Oil (100ml glass bottle) Breast Balm (50ml glass jar) Bathe the Mother Soak (100g), Baby Balm (50ml glass jar) Baby Oil (100ml glass bottle) Bathe the Baby Soak (100g), Soothing Salve (15ml).

Packed in: white gloss keepsake box with magnetic catch approx 26 x 26 x 6 cm


It is always wise to test patch a new product before general use.

All 100% organic. Some products contain prunus nut oils or have been prepared in a unit where nut oils are used or have been prepared in a unit where nut oils are used.

Tested only on Willing Human Beings.

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