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Happier Hands Treatment Kit £39.95

Bring elegance and salvation to over-wrought, over-worked hands.

Estimate dispatch time: 1-3 days

Hands have to do the hard work that other parts simply can't tackle. Used all the time, they are mostly taken for granted. Expected to go on and on with barely a thought. And then, one day, they rebel. The skin starts to trouble its owner with dry patches or itchy bits. There's cracking around the nails. There's flakiness, even soreness and the joints feel a little stiff.

But stop! We can offer respite! Give them a break! Give them a rest! Give them a treat!

This excellent, elegant but practical gift set, introduces a star physick - a Handwash, made with that great old garden herb soapwort. It cleans deep down and yet is very mild and gentle - it won't foam much either but adjust your thinking! To ensure that your skin is not only clean but given some healthy food, some good seed oils have been added and the freshness of anti-bacterial rosemary.

Another star in Great Elm's firmament is Geranium & Apricot Intensive Handcream full of richness and nurturing to feed and nurture, with the knock-out gorgeousness of rose geranium to finish off.

And for some serious healing nourishment there is Great Elm's brilliant, all-purpose 100% organic Lavender Oil Salve fantastic stuff that can be used not only on hands, nails and cuticles but everywhere else that might feel a little over-exploited... lips, sore patches, elbows, heels...

Try blandishing those poor old hands every night for a week. Feel the difference. See the difference. Enjoy the difference. But beware: addiction to these physicks is a grave possibility!

Contains: Rosemary & Soapwort Herbal Cleanser (200ml), Geranium and Apricot Hand Cream (50ml), Lavender Oil Salve (50ml), wooden double-sided nail brush.

Packed in: white gloss keepsake box with magnetic catch approx 26 x 26 x 6 cm PACKAGING MAY VARY SLIGHTLY ACCORDING TO AVAILABILITY

It is always wise to try an unfamiliar product on a small patch of skin, and leave it for 24 hours, before using on a larger area.

Physick: from the ancient Greek meaning 'the use and knowledge of nature'.





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