For the second year running, Gt Elm has won TWO awards from this amazingly popular magazine. This year we were WINNERS of the Best Body Product with our May and Bay Hand & Body Lotion http://www.great-elm.com/viewproduct.asp?productID=272&returnto=search.asp&page=1&departmentID=11

And we were WINNERS of the Best Nappy Cream product with our Baby Balm http://www.great-elm.com/search.asp?departmentID=27


01.02.2012† Chrissie Painell, Country Living Magazine:† I am beauty editor of Country Living and a big fan of the Natural Beauty Yearbook - thank you for making my search for interesting products and people so much easier!

I would like to nominate Liv O'Hanlon, founder of Great Elm Physick Garden for an award. Liv is an incredibly†inspiring and innovative businesswoman. She was formerly a newspaper journalist and campaigned for children's rights. She now lives in Great Elm near Frome where she has established a beautiful physick garden. She grows - organically of course - many of the healing†ingredients for her highly-effective products. She experiments with traditional†plants such as peony†and finds unusual combinations which are life-savers for her loyal clients. In short, Liv really knows her plants and their benefits†and holds regular workshops with one of her consultant herbalists to spread the word for British plants and British beauty. I have been a beauty editor for 25 years (!) and, naturally, have tried thousands of products - Liv's are definitely some of the very best.

01.01.2012:† Bath Life recommends Rosehip & Ginger Body Oil as one of the best the editor, Deri Robins, has ever experienced.† Smells fabulous, absorbs easily and makes skin feel silky.

24.03.2011: Gina Edwards, writing in Insight Magazine (online and print): Iím absolutely amazed at the results from the Healing Cream! I have had bad patches of eczema on my arms for a few months now and not even steroid cream could shift them! A week using the Healing cream has reduced the redness and cleared up the itching! Thanks so much! Very pleased with results!

26.02.10: Carly Gordon, writing on La Luminata website for sustainable design and trends online magazine, says: I loved this face mask, not only was it fun to make (rather like mixing up a potion), it left my skin feeling nourished, soft and smooth.

The Lemon Balm and Blackcurrant Intensive Face Care did not disappoint either. The roll-on oil is packed full of natural ingredients including blackcurrant seed oil, health-giving vitamins borage and high levels of fatty acids, essential for cell-growth. After using this every night for the last few weeks I really have seen a difference in my skinís tone and appearance, and even by the morning my skin still feels hydrated and moisturised.

The Great Elm Physick Garden products are a joy to use and beautifully packaged... fabulous gift ideas for Motherís Day!

13.10.09 The Lady has spoken!† In its edition of the menopause, Great Elm's deliciously cooling Sage & Mint Foot and Leg massage oil was recommended by beauty editor Kate Shapland as an excellent unguent to use to counter swelling of the lower limbs.† We can only agree.† Oh, and if your husband is suffering from the male menopause - YES - then Charles Nevin's piece on the last page was a corker!

17.09.09 We've won! Our splendid customers have voted by email and postand the Bath Life judges placed us at the top!† We're now the proud holders of the Health & Beauty Award.† Fantastic!† So that's the fourth award we've gained in as many years.† Pretty good for a nano-sized company.

04.09.09 Great Elm Physick Garden has been nominated in the Health and Beauty section of Bath Life magazine business awards.

Country Living's September 2009 edition was full of our praises for using oats in our Rose Geranium exfoliator (£14).† Liv was quoted, along with a few other producer/makers, lauding the importance of nuts oils:† 'All of these oils supply the nutrients necessary for cell renewal.† Importantly, they are easily absorbed.'

May 09: Soil Association licence awarded to Great Elm Physick Garden.

December 08: Great Elm Physick Garden wins silver in Most Innovative Product category of nationwide Green England environmental awards.

December 08: The Times, The Guardian, The Independent all carry flattering editorial on Great Elm Christmas gifts.

Country Living's September 2008: recommended Hazelnut & Soapwort Gentle Cleanser (£18.50) and Triple Rose Intensive face Care (£24.50), and our Calendula and Speedwell healing Cream (£12.50)

Great Elm's Hazelnut & Soapwort Gentle Face Cleanser won the Best Organic Cleanser award and our Rosehip and Ginger Body Oil won the Best Body Oil category in this year's Beauty Awards presented by the Irish top-selling magazine Image. Image (May 2006 edition):
"This nourishing cleanser leaves skin comforted and clean at the end of a little or no make-up day. All 100 per cent organic, from an English country garden, plant extracts leave skin completely happy and chemical-free."

The judgment on our body oil says "this organic product is perfect. With a lovely texture, it feels velvety and not too greasy ... Calendula heals red bumpy skin, stimulating ginger increases blood circulation, rosehip provides antioxidant protection."

Vanity Fair's 100 Ways to Help Save the Planet (May 2006 edition):
"Great Elm Physick Garden uses the vitality and power of traditional English herbs and plants to make superb organic skin items."

Daily Telegraph April 2006:
"Save your skin.give your hands a good slathering."

Image magazine March 2006:
"Superb skinfood with no nasty mineral oils, parabens, alcohol or fragrances.divine smelling products."

You Are What You Eat magazine Feb 2006:
"Give your feet a treat with the sumptuous selection of foot treatments from Great Elm Physick Garden Ltd."

The Independent July 2005:
"Mission to salve the world. A passion for honest dealing."



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