Great Elm Physick Garden is an organic skincare business working near Frome, Somerset. It was set up in 2005 by two mothers, one a medical herbalist, the other a children's rights campaigner.

The company wants to make a difference, not simply to people's skin but - if it doesn't sound too pompous - to people's lives. We believe in using the best ingredients and giving our best.

Your skin is your body's primary protection, an extraordinary layer which battles daily with the destructive forces of climate, pollution, stress and ageing. We use our knowledge of English country garden herbs to make simple, effective and delicious preparations that are designed to nurture your skin, not pickle it.

We promise not to – and do not – make exaggerated claims about our products. We are rigorously honest about labelling. All ingredients are included on each product label.


Our Physicks are organic, purely plant-based. Our consultant medical herbalist checks each recipe and works in accordance with professional standards imposed by the National Council for Medical Herbalists.

Products are based on Soil Association organic skincare production requirements but we have not yet put our products forward for certification as it is a very expensive thing to do.


We are committed organic gardeners and grow as many ingredients as possible; we use local honey and beeswax  in our products.

If we cannot grow what we need, we do our best to find certified organic herbs as near as possible to us geographically.  Very occasionally we use goods produced outside Europe. This saves on airmiles and ensures better freshness and therefore efficacy of herbs.

We do not use any genetically modified plants, nor any SLSs (lauryl sulphates), phlalates, mineral oils, or other petroleum derivatives, or lanolin; no parabens, alcohol, or bleach; no artificial preservatives, sham fragrances or synthetic colours.



We research our ingredients to ensure user safety and efficacy.

Our consultant herbalist checks each and every product recipe.

Products carry safety certificates in compliance with European Community directives.

Products are tested on us, our friends and family. No animal is used to test any ingredient or product; we insist on similar guarantees from suppliers.



Containers are glass which is made of silica, sand and fire. Nothing from it can leach into the contents. Or out. It is easy to recycle.

Lids are aluminium. They too are the 'greenest' solution we could find.

There are small amounts of plastic in the pumps and pump straws. We have only used pumps where absolutely necessary.

Card boxes, tissue and postal wrapping all contain as much recycled material as possible. Some bags are constructed from handmade plant paper.

Ribbon and printing ink are the best we can find on environmental terms.

We try to ask all our suppliers about our environmental policies.


Our criteria meet the strict orders of Islam when conforming to Halal. For a product to be Halal, it needs to meet certain requirements which are determined and laid out in the Qur'an and Hadith, as follows:

Free from flesh (meat, fowl, fish or shellfish), meat or bone stock, animal or carcass fats, gelatine, aspic or any other ingredients resulting from slaughter of a Haram (not permissible) animal.

Free from Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)
• Free from Alcohol

Free from irradiated raw materials.

No cross contamination during the production process.


We believe in fairness towards employees. We try to pay as well as possible and always well above minimum wage. We try to consult, inform and involve employees as much as possible to ensure that worktime is interesting and engaging.




Great Elm goodies with Hauser & Wirth's art works

Great Elm goodies with Hauser & Wirth's art works

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We've WON another AWARD!

We've WON another AWARD!

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Natural bonus straight from the garden.

Natural bonus straight from the garden.

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